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Professional Infos to e cigarette and our company
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1. How long is the cigarette

We have two different sizes, 97 mm and 104 mm


2. Life of fully charged rechargeable battery

It depends, but it is no problem for the user to use out of one cartridge


3. Some batteries are 3.6 volts, which is the best?

The voltage you talking about should be service voltage, then 3.3volts is much better than 3.6volts, regarding full charged voltage, 4.2volts is the best.


4. Life of atomiser

From 6 months to 9 months.


5. How long does the cartridge last?

It depends on how frequent you used.


6. How much nicotine in each cartridge.

It depends on the customers’ need. The nicotine concentration include high concentration(16mg),medium concentration(11mg) and low concentration. But for export, we all use none nicotine cartridge.


7. How much nicotine per puff? 

You can refer it to the 6th question


8. What is the equivalent amount of normal cigarettes per cartridge.

More than half of a box of nomal cigarette.


9. Does every cartridge have the same amount of liquid inside?



10. What do cartridges with no nicotine taste like?

It have the feeling of cleaning fiavour


11. How are the cigarettes cleaned?Some are self cleaning after 1500 puffs?

Yes, when the puffs reach 1500, it will need self cleaning the heat filament five seconds in constant voltage.


12What electric switch is used for starting the cigarette? magneto electricity induct switch or mechanical switch controlled by inhaling?

Mechanical switch.


13. How do you use the e-liquid refills?

It could be refulled by user, we advise the user to use no more than 2 drop in one time.


14. What certificates do you have for the product's reliability ,health & safety?



15. What is your Customer Service policy?

When you find the broken product, you could inform us, then we will send product with goof quality to you with the following order.


16. Why are you products better than you competitors?

Almost no one is comparable with us in quality and price. In one hand, our engineers of research and development department and the supervisor of the qualty control department have been in this line for many years. In other hand, we always give our customers the best price and leave us limit space for our profit.


17. Terms of trading.

Payment terms with TT,L/C, WESTERN UNION is acceptable.


18. Minimum order.

 The moq for Gift packages of our product is 100pcs, and the nomal package is 240pcs.


19. Sample order.

As soon as you give me the models you want and make payment, we will arrange and send it to you by express.

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